October 6th, 2022
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November 8, 2022

We have contracted to a photography company to have a class photo made for 2022. Just like with school pictures, we are having a class poster for the year made. We want as many students as possible on the poster. (Please wear full black or white uniform) The company we have contracted has different packages that you can choose from starting as low as $27.00.

Student Photos

w/ Action Hero Photos

When: November 8, 2022

Times: 3 – 9 pm (see Mrs. Journell for time slots)

Sitting fee: FREE!!!! (just choose your package, during your scheduled time slot)

Saturday Open Mats! October 6, 2022

Come in and join us for kids and adults open mat. Sparring and [email protected] 10:30 on Saturdays.

7 and older